Discover the temptation of chillingly delicious dessertwine

Late-harvest dessertwines are made from the riper, more concentrated grapes. The combination with dark chocolate’s deep taste is a feast for the senses. BLUE NUN comes from one of the oldest wineries in all of Germany. It has a long tradition of making excellent wines, and word of its vino’s excellence has travelled far. The item is worthy of being called a classic. Hermann Sichel started a vineyard not far from Mainz, Germany, in the year 1857. Brand BLUE NUN was established in 1921 at H. Sichel Söhne when it was decided to create a new label for the exceptional wine made that year. The quality of the products under this name was swiftly acknowledged, and they soon found themselves on the menus of Michelin-starred restaurants in London and beyond. At least a thousand crates were sent to the United Kingdom, which was very high volume for the early 1930s. Many people still drink this wine now. The company BLUE NUN was founded in 1995 by Sichel and Langguth. The primary focus is on producing high-quality wine. Modern scientific techniques are consistently used to enhance this wine’s quality. Over time, the wine has developed a dry, refreshing quality. BLUE NUN is a “Qualitätswein” producer because of their commitment to producing high-quality wines.

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