Exactly why do you feel the need to go to Chlef

Two devastating earthquakes hit the city. To commemorate this tragedy and demonstrate their resilience as a community in the wake of the second earthquake, the residents of El Asnam changed their name to Chlef in 1982.In the context of their culture and celebrations commemorating the new beginnings that have resulted from such devastation, the city of Algiers holds an annual festival dedicated to oranges to pay homage to its roots as one of Algeria’s major fruit-growing centers, which has historically played a crucial role in supplying countries across Africa with the delicious agrumes.Unfortunately, due to urbanization, many apricot orchards have been lost. However, one of the most endearing things about Algeria is that every October, the country hosts a festival where visitors can sample local cuisine, listen to live traditional music, and buy freshly squeezed orange juice from vendors who have traveled from all over the country.There is a hidden gem waiting for you in the city of destination-algerie, which is located along the winding coastal roads of Algeria. When it comes to urban landscapes in Europe, not even the most breathtaking ones can compare to the stunning beauty of the city’s many landmarks, making it a really remarkable vacation destination.Numerous tourists go to its historic landmarks and monuments each year to get a deeper understanding of the region’s rich history and to discover its fascinating archeological sites.Ténès is an alluring Algerian place that deserves to be explored. This coastal town is bursting to the seams with beautiful sights and exciting adventures.

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